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How to Create Stylish E-books that Sell

The E-book

Digital downloads and e-books are somewhat still new in the digital space. Many stylists believe that the only way to be a stylist is to physically dress someone, but that definitely isn’t true. You can sell your expertise in the form of an e-book and potentially make money in your sleep.


The cool thing about digital content is that once you create it, it's done! 

Pricing your Styling Services like a Pro

The E-book

Pricing your services as a stylist is one of the hardest things to do; especially when you’re new to the industry. Oftentimes, stylists tend to charge less then their worth and struggle with retaining clients who actually understand their value. So, we're breaking down the 4 main elements that are needed to properly price your styling services with your time and talent in mind.

Hashtags Guide

For Stylists + Fashion Creatives

Posting consistently on social media is the perfect way to promote your craft as a Stylist. But most of us are being seen by the wrong audiences. Using hashtags is a great technique to get the right eyes on your content via social media! But which hashtags should you be using?

Social Media Calendar 

For Stylists

Many stylists have struggled with figuring out what to post on social media. So, we decided to give you a variety of ideas and topics that can be used interchangeably. This monthly social media calendar will give you a ton of options on what to post on social media while making it your own. 

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