Digital downloads and e-books are somewhat still new in the digital space. Many stylists believe that the only way to be a stylist is to physically dress someone, but that definitely isn’t true. You can sell your expertise in the form of an e-book and potentially make money in your sleep.


The cool thing about digital content is that once you create it, it's done! You can simply upload it to your website, properly market it and watch the money flow in.


This e-book was designed to teach you how to service your clients styling needs; virtually. And if you haven't already thought of transitioning your business to online, you should think again.


This e-book includes:


5 elements of a sell-able e-book:

- Introduction

- Solution

- Closing

- About you 

- Call to action


5 types of digital products you can sell:


- Informational

- "How to's"

- Look books

- Freebies


This also includes 4 sales booting tips for naming your products that were mentioned during the workshop.


So if you want to learn how to turn you styling expertise into a profitable e-book, then this e-book is for you!

How to Create Stylish E-books that Sell


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