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What Does your Social Media Say About You?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Social media has become a way we introduce ourselves to the world and continue to showcase ourselves and talent. It’s become one of the most important marketing tools thus far and as a stylist, marketing yourself is marketing your business. So what does your social media say about you?

We wanted to answer some questions we typically get about what your social media presence should be as a stylist. Who, what, where should you post?

To start, there’s more to social media than Instagram

Don’t get us wrong, Instagram is a large and very important platform but it may not be the one that works best for your business. You can use other platforms like facebook, linked in, twitter, tik tok, and youtube to grow your social media presence.

PRO TIP: Consistently leverage no more than two social media platforms at a time. If you’re a one woman show, trying to post consistently on more than two platforms can become hectic and stressful. Figure out where your clients or potential clients are and focus your attention on those platforms. Wherever your clients are showing up, meet them there.

After figuring out which platforms work best for you, the next step in perfecting your bio

Your bio is extremely important because on platforms, like Instagram, it’s the first thing people see when they come to your page. It should cover all necessary information such as who you are, what you do, and who you work with. Your location is important to include as well. Consider including things like your stylist type and your full name, especially if it’s not in your handle.

Another important component to your bio are links. You want to include links that lead people to where you want them to go. Link your website, portfolio, or even a landing page full of other links to everything you do. Directing people with words like “click here” or finger pointing emojis will get your links more traffic. Above all, make your bio clear and concise.

Next is everyone’s favorite piece, your content

Your content should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should be relevant to your audience and who you serve. Your content should also add value. Just posting pretty pictures doesn’t help or educate your followers. Position yourself as an expert by providing style tips and other useful information that your audience may be requesting. A simple way to give valuable content is to hone in on your niche or things that come easy to you. Once you find your niche you can continue to talk about it and reinvent content around it. It’s definitely okay to present the same information in a different way that may appeal to other people. Also share your feed content to your stories to catch more eyes!

Speaking of more eyes, it is important to note that having more followers and likes does not translate to getting more clients. If you aren’t giving those followers anything helpful they won’t seek your help. Valuable content helps convert those followers to paying clients.

Lastly, you want your social media to tell a story

Let people know more about you, what you like and why you do what you do. You don’t have to give them everything but your followers are your audience and they want to know who you are. Post photos of yourself or your family. Give them updates about your life and what you have going on inside and outside of your business. You don’t have to tell them everything but it’s important to be vulnerable and open. People like to connect with a real person. One thing that lets people in is behind the scenes footage.

Social Media can be an amazing tool for your business, if you use it correctly. Showcase yourself as a person and an expert in the style industry!

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