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The Pro's and Con's to being a Stylist

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

To whom much is given much is required! Having the skills and ability to be a stylist is a gift but like most good things it comes with challenges. We always want to encourage you to follow your stylist dreams but we don’t want to leave out the truth of how much hard work it takes. Today we talk pro’s and con’s of being a stylist.

We’ll start with some Cons and end on a good note:

  1. One man show - When you start off as a stylist there’s a lot of building to be done. You’re not just the stylist, you’re doing your own marketing, content creation, client correspondence. It can be a lot on one plate but it’s all necessary to elevate your business to the next level. Eventually you’ll be able to hire help!

  2. Clientele - Building clientele can take some time. Clients can be few and far between when you first start. Focus on doing the best work you can on the clients you have and your work will build the clientele for you!

  3. Payday - Cash flow isn’t always consistent when you start as a stylist and it can be discouraging when taking the leap to style full-time. But the more time you dedicate, the more your business will grow and bring in the dollars you’re looking for!

Now let’s talk Pros :

  1. Peace of mind - You get to set boundaries. As a stylist, you control who you work with and what jobs you take on. If something is not the right fit for you or your business, you can walk away. If you want to take time off, you can do that too but it gives you the autonomy to choose what’s right for you.

  2. Your own boss - speaking of time off, you make your own schedule and decide how your business is run. You create opportunities to learn, grow and pivot without answering to anyone but yourself. There’s something so refreshing about calling all the shots!

  3. Where the money resides - name your price, you have the ability to make as much money as you want, to take on big name clients or high paying jobs. If you work for it the money is out there but the point is you get to decide, no cap, no limits!

The list could go on but like anything great, there is much responsibility and much reward in being a stylist and the journey is full of lessons and growth!

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