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The Beginning

It's always been collaboration over competition with us. There is so much talent in the world but not enough of us are working together. We hate to see so many of us tearing each other down and disrespecting each other's craft instead of lifting each other up and encouraging each other to keep going.

We believe that everyone was blessed with their own individual style and we want to celebrate just that. We want to shed light on talented stylists who work just as hard as us, who are eager to learn and grow and who are open to collaborating with others in this cut throat industry.

BWWS (Black Women Who Style) is an organization that was created for just that. We wanted to create a space for stylists of color to get inspired, showcase their work and collaborate with each other. We, the founders, also want to educate those up and coming stylists who aren't quite sure how to break into the industry or what it takes to be run a thriving business. Styling is a tricky business but when done right, it can be very successful.

We'll be hosting events and workshops geared towards black women in fashion who are interested in improving their craft, and meeting other local stylists in the industry. We're starting this journey in our hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. But are planning to expand into other cities and connecting with other women all over in style.

Join us as we start this journey and build a community of stylish women of color!

Photographer: @Armenyl

Christen styled by: @stylefanticstyling

Tonae styled by: @sophisticatedchicbrand

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