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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Stylists Make in Business

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Throughout my styling journey, I've run into many challenges that I actually don't regret. I've beat myself up plenty of times, for doing something "wrong" or unintentionally allowing clients to take advantage of my time. But it wasn't until after bouncing back from the set backs that I realized what I had learned.

Launching a styling business can be a challenge. And unfortunately, there isn't a rule book that tells us what to do and what not to do. But thankfully, I've learned from my experiences and wanted to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I've managed to make along the way.

Continue reading for 3 of the most common mistakes that I've made and continue seeing stylists make, as they grow their businesses.

1. Targeting everybody

I've learned the hard way that every is NOT YOUR CLIENT. Just because someone reaches out to you and wants you to style them, doesn't mean you have to. Think about your values and how you want to be perceived in your industry. And ask yourself these questions:

- What type of stylist am I?

- Is this person the type of person I want to be known for styling?

- Will this person value my time and expertise?

I do understand that when you're first starting out, you may not know the exact answers to these questions. But you should definitely have an idea and be willing to use your best judgement. There have been plenty of opportunities that I've passed up because the job just wasn't what I was interested in doing.

If you know you want to style men and the person reaching out to you is a woman, then this may not be the right opportunity for you. But if you've never styled a woman and are open to trying it out; go for it!

2. Adding your prices to your website

This is something that I went back and forth about in my head. And finally came to the conclusion that your prices don't need to be broadcasted all over your website. No one needs to know how much you're charging for each of your services and/or packages and what's included. Why?

- Clients tend to shop around and you wouldn't want them to work with another stylist whose charging less

- Other stylists can set their prices lower than yours and create competition

- When your prices increase (and they always will), you'll have to constantly update your website

As you can see, showcasing your prices on your website can create more stress than you think.

3. You're offering way too much

Unfortunately, there are so many people who don't quite understand what we do and what it entails. So, less is more when it comes to offering your services and being clear about what the benefits are for each. You never want a potential client to visit your website and have a ton of options to choose from. It will make it easier for them to leave and not book a service.

It's up to you to tell them what services (packages) are best suited for them and their needs. YOU'RE the expert. Not them.

I hope that this was helpful to you and pushed you further in the right direction.

Want to work with me one-on-one? Click here to apply to work with me. Once you apply, and your application is accepted, we'll schedule your private consultation where we'll talk through your business and the next best steps.

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