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Stylist Etiquette 101: Do’s and Don'ts

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Here in the Black Women Who Style community we want to make sure we are equipping you with the things you need to be a successful stylist. And having good etiquette is one of the many things that will bring you much success in this industry.

Continue reading for a list of do's and don'ts that will make or break your styling journey.

Here are a few things you don’t want to do:

1. Don't offer everything ❌ - You're extremely talented and have many skills but that doesn’t mean you have to offer them all as a service. Find your niche and base your services around that. You'll overwhelm your audience when you offer too much and overwhelm yourself when you try to meet everyone's needs. When you narrow down your offerings, people will know exactly what to come to you for and you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself!

2. Don't work with everybody ❌- Everybody that inquires about your services, is not your client. Be strategic with who you work with. Make sure the client or the opportunity aligns with your vision and mission. You have to be willing to humble yourself and refer people to others if it’s not a good fit for you. The money will come when you’re aligned with your purpose and the right people!

3. Don't do last minute work ❌ - Try not to work with people who request your services at the last minute. Don't be afraid to communicate the necessary time needed to provide your expertise and politely decline or refer them to someone else who can meet their needs. When you feel rushed into a styling project, you potentially won't be able to fully give 100% and you want to make sure any of your clients are having a great experience with you.

4. Don't lowball yourself ❌- It’s important for the client to understand the value of what you provide, what exactly they're needing and how to properly budget for it. Educate the client on what your services entail and why it is an investment to work with you. If your price points don’t fall within their budget, don't feel forced to lower your rate just to satisfy the needs of that one client. Confidently let them know..... It’s a good idea to get an understanding of the client’s budget before speaking with them. This way, you'll know if the client is a good fit and can be prepared to have that conversation.

Here are a few things you should do:

1. Be professional ✔️- You don't just want to feel like a style expert, you want to look like one too. Have a professional email address and an email signature so people know who you and know your business are. Include things your name, phone number, email, website, and logo in your email signature. If you have a business social media account make sure the photo is your logo. Eventually, people will begin to know who you are and what you do without even telling them.

2. Follow up and be persistent ✔️- Emails, texts, and calls can easily be missed if a client is busy, so always follow up if you don’t get a response back and give the person another opportunity to receive it. People are always on their phone, so text messaging can be a good way to communicate with your clients get their attention if an email or call hasn’t worked!

3. Constantly provide value ✔️- If you want someone to invest in you, you to give them a reason to. Show them what you you can do and educate them on what you know. The many things that can seem like common sense to us, may not be that way for someone who isn't a stylist. And that's why stylists exists.

If they see your value and learn something new before they work with you, they will be willing to invest when it’s time. Consistently post on social media and/or send weekly emails to engage and educate your audience. It doesn’t have to be long but it will warm people up to you and make it easier for them to want to work with you. When posting, provide a call to action in your captions to lead your clients to the next steps and build a lasting relationship with them.

4. Keep up with your audience offline ✔️- Believe it or not, everybody is not on social media. Even people that use social media aren’t always logged in, so you want to have another way to engage with your audience. Email marketing is very important for any business owner in this day and age. People still read emails and reaching with an email can help you stay connected and/or reach more clients!

Following these simple do’s and don’ts will help elevate your styling business to the next level and make your life as a stylist that much easier!

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