How to Stand Out in a Saturated Industry as a Stylist

Updated: Nov 21

Written by: Christen Johnson

It can be a little difficult running a business in a small city like, Baltimore, with so many people doing the same thing as you. But it's been said that a saturated industry is a sign that there is a lot of opportunity in the market. So, I'm constantly reminding myself that my methods and techniques are completely different from the next Personal Stylist in the room.

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As I grow, my business grows and my ideas continue to evolve. I don't just want to be a Personal Brand Stylist , but someone who is remembered for educating and helping established women grow their businesses in style. In just the short 6 years that I've been in business, I've managed to work with so many people in the industry who have taught me different ways to do what I do. There are quite a bit of things that I've picked up on that has helped me to stand out in the crowd as a successful fashionprenuer. Keep reading for a few ways to stand out in such a saturated industry.

Embrace Change

You have to keep up with your industry and be able to recognize the gaps that other businesses don't. "Change is a synonym for opportunity". When you recognize what is needed in your industry, then you'll gain those clients and customers in need.

Quite a bit of people reach out to me inquiring about my journey within the styling and blogging business and how I got started. So, I decided to plan events that give me and sometimes others in the industry the opportunity to educate aspiring stylists, bloggers and entrepreneurs on how to stay consistent. To be honest, I haven't done much research on what my specific industry is lacking but I know that I've always wished I had a mentor or someone to guide me in the right direction when it comes to the fashion industry. So, why not do it for others?

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Add Value

It's important to add value to other's lives with your business so that they come back for more. Make your clients feel lucky to be working with you. Like, they wouldn't be caught dead working with anybody else.

I like to individually thank my clients after working with them, so I send personal thank you cards. That may be cliche, but I like my clients to feel appreciated for trusting me with their wardrobe needs. I also offer a referral incentive that gives them the opportunity to earn a reward for referring someone to me.

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Differentiate Yourself

Study your competitors and see what you could offer your clients that's different from the norm. You can achieve success by setting yourself a part. Use your talents to hone in on your niche market.

I've always been a creative with a bunch of ideas. So, instead of just styling my clients appearance, I took on styling their brands as well. From social media content to media kit and pitch deck creation, I realized that I enjoyed styling the brands of my clients to help them attract their clientele. No, I'm not a guru but I know what looks good and what attracts the eye.

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Collaboration has been something that I've worked very hard to consistently do, since I've started SophisticatedChic Brand. From collaborating with others to host events and build successful brands like, Black Women Who Style, collaboration has always been in my vocabulary as a small business owner.

We can't do everything on our own and I've learned that the hard way. We all need help and sometimes, have too much pride to ask for it. But you never know what you can learn from others. Whether they're in your industry or in a completely different field; help is one thing that everybody needs and collaboration is one of the best ways to do it.

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I hope these tips will help you to determine your uniqueness and how to use it to your advantage. And remember that over saturation isn't always a bad thing!

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