Businesses and Brands to Collaborate with as a Stylist

Updated: Nov 21

Collaboration is key when it comes to building and expanding your small business. We can accomplish so much more when we work together as a team as opposed to doing everything on our own. Since starting my styling business back in 2014, I've learned that I can do anything I put my mind to. But there are just some things that require some one else's expertise and talent, that I don't have the capacity to do.

Last week's #virtuallunch episode on @projectstyleu touched on some of the businesses and people you could collaborate with as a stylist. You can check out the entire live segment here.

When it comes to collaborations, you want to make sure that it's both beneficial for you and the other party. You definitely don't want to work with someone if it only benefits you or vice versa. So, I've gathered a list of 4 different types of businesses and people you could collaborate with as a stylist.

Public Relations Agencies

Public relations agencies promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. No matter their clientele, they work hard to promote their clients and make them seem as successful, honest, important, exciting, or relevant as possible.

There overall goal is to enhance and build their clients reputation in a positive way through media. And as a stylist, you can bring so much to the table. The client's appearance and how they show up on and offline is just as important as their actions. And depending on the PR agencies client base, a partnership would be extremely beneficial.

Here are a few black owned PR companies to connect with:

Modeling/Talent Agencies

Models are always a necessity in a photo shoot. I remember when I first started building my portfolio and my go-to team consisted of a photographer, MUA, hairstylist and a model. The model was the focal point of all my shoots but the entire team helped to complete the project.

Modeling agencies represent fashion models to work for the fashion industry. And they're constantly looking for ways to build the models portfolio and get them more work. So, connecting with agencies where you can style the models and build your portfolio at the same time is a great opportunity.

Talent agencies are very similar to the PR agencies mentioned above. Their main focus is to find jobs for actors, authors, film directors, musicians, professional athletes, and the list goes on. As a stylist, you would be a part of creating a personal style and image for the talent.

Here are a few black owned agencies that you should know about:

Local Boutiques

A lot of boutiques don't even think about connecting and working with stylists, but they could definitely use our help. Many of them only have 1-2 locations and don't quite have a full staff, as a typical retail store would. So, working closely with them to merchandise their windows or create digital content for their online stores and/or social media platforms is the best way to collaborate with them.

Here are a few black owned local boutiques that you can connect with in the Baltimore area:

Online boutiques:

Fashion Designers

Now this one is a given. Every stylist should be collaborating with fashion designers when building their businesses. I've worked with quite a few designers who I've been able to build lasting relationships with who continue to support me.

If you're looking for some amazing up and coming, black fashion designers, check out Harlem's Fashion Row. Harlem’s Fashion Row is a social company that provides a voice for multicultural designers; through a creative platform that enables these designers to sell and present their collections to key leaders within the fashion industry.

Here are some of my favorite black designers you can support right now:

When determining whether or not a collab would be beneficial, think about your audience. Who is it that you serve? And does the collaborator serve the same type of audience? Always remember to think outside of the box. Don't be so closed minded when it comes to working with others outside of the fashion industry. You never know who that person could refer you to or the opportunities it may lead to.

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