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Building Lasting Relationships as a Stylist

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

What we do as stylists can be personal. Strong relationships play a huge role in the success of our business. But recently, building those relationships has looked a little different as we've learned to adjust to the pandemic and figuring out how to still make genuine connections. Today we’ll give you some tips on how to build relationships that last.

1. Attend in-person and virtual events

Look for opportunities to connect with people. Look for people outside the styling industry that you can work with and learn from. A good way to find events in your area is to search Also, use social media to find virtual events on things you want to learn or people you want to connect with.

Looking outside your city and making a trip out of the event can also be a life changing experience.

Here are a few more sites to find fashion events:

2. Engage with people

Don’t just "like" and comment on people's content; take the next step. Reach out to them in their messages and let them know you’re interested in connecting with them. Once you've made those connections, keep up with what they’re doing. Continue to engage and reach out, not just checking in when you need something but nurturing that relationship regularly.

3. Organize your connections

You can even go as far as creating an excel sheet of all your contacts and organizing them by industry. This way, when you're looking for someone specific to reach out to, they're easily accessible.

Meeting all these people can be a lot. Keep track of who you’ve talked to so you can go back and reach out when you’re ready. Using a spreadsheet to document people, their number, where you met them, ect. You don’t have to make it hard on yourself trying to remember everything and everyone.

We’re giving you some help making and organizing these connections. Black Women Who Style will be releasing a Style Industry Directory, a collection of talented industry experts of color that are necessary for any stylist to have on their dream team. For more information on the directory and release date, follow us on Instagram and turn your post notifications on. Remember, your network is your net worth!

Click here to learn more about the Style Industry Directory and how it can benefit your styling career.

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