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6 Things You Should Know as an Emerging Stylist

Written by: Carli J.

As stylists, we often think we have to know EVERYTHING about a client or the industry when starting off. But ironically, we don't. The best part about being a stylist is the process in getting to know your industry. We understand that this isn't an easy journey so we hope these gems will ease up the process for you.

1. Have your stylist bag ready for any shoots, mishaps or quick fixes: Assortment of safety pins, lint rollers, rubber bands, double sided tape, brushes, combs, etc. The list goes on, but anything you think would be necessary for your everyday styling needs.

2. Invest in yourself: You are your brand essentially and first impressions are always a

must. Make sure you have your business cards and websites up and running and your social media pages up to date and visually pleasing with professional images.

3. Learn how to Network: Learning how to professionally pitch yourself and network, network with those already in your industry; the experts. The key to starting off is building your contact list and keeping in touch with those individuals on a consistent basis, whether it be by email, or via social media.

4. Do your research: Keep up to date with the latest trends, since you never know what is coming back. Visit Women's Wear Daily, Business of Fashion and even scout Pinterest from time to time to keep up with what is happening now in fashion.

5. Maximize your very own wardrobe: We desire to help the people we work with in either revamping their wardrobe or searching for the best red carpet look. But we can have the tendency to neglect our very own wardrobe, so keep your closet colorful and fresh. This also helps in keeping an optimistic mind when curating client looks.

6. Create a strategy: Make sure your styling process is streamline in working with clients. The easier it is to grab their attention, the quicker they'll move forward. Keep your style questionnaire and checklists up to date, this makes it very easy to get to know your clients.

We hope these easy starter tips help to push you in the right direction and either start or continue building your styling business. If these tips are something that you are currently doing, comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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