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5 Tools to Diversify your Income as a Stylist

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Do you feel limited in your income as a stylist? Well you’ve come to the right place! Booked clients is not the only way to create income as a stylist and today we’re giving you a few tips and tricks to do so. These handy tools can help you reach different channels of income or enhance your brand to increase your current income.

Here are 5 of our most used tools to diversify income as a stylist:

1. Good Pix

You’re already creating content for your business so why not earn commission for it? Good Pix allows you to create shoppable content with a large network of brands. Not only can you incorporate your own branding to the site but you can get business tips to assist in your curating and earning, create individual sites for your clients to shop, and engage with a community of entrepreneurs to grow your business! I know you’re thinking why haven’t I done this sooner but no worries, here’s the link:

Want to see what your shoppable storefront could look like? Check out our Founder's here!

2. ShopShare TV

It’s time to share all that amazing shopping advice you’ve been storing up. This site allows you to create styling videos from any online store, interactive mood boards, and personal shopping channels. You can even upload your videos to YouTube for the whole world to see. Link your online looks and sell access to your ShopShare content to increase that income! Again, here’s the link:

Check out a ShopShare TV video here conducted by our Founder, Christen!

3. Canva

It’s very important to have appealing content and Canva is the place to make it! Create Instagram posts, logos, posters, and more! With thousands of templates and elements available, some of which are free, it’s automatically a smart business decision. Elevate your brand with beautiful content that attracts your target audience.

4. Zoom

Over the past year Zoom has made a rise to stardom and for good reason. It’s an excellent resource to stay connected to your clients and host live events. Consider virtual styling via Zoom to increase your client reach!

5. Youtube

The OG of sharing, YouTube is a great way to let people in and share your styling expertise with the world. This offers the opportunity to gain more of a following and earn income for what you already do. Start that channel sis! And be sure to follow our Founder, Christen, to get a glimpse of the type of content she creates as a Personal stylist here:

This is the type of content our Founder uploads to her channel as a Personal Stylist!

Those were just a few of the many ways to diversify your income as a stylist!

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