4 Things to Consider when Pricing your Styling Services

Updated: Nov 21

Get paid, young stylist, get paid!

We’ve found pricing is one of the most difficult topics for stylists at any level. We all have a passion for what we do and that sometimes can make it hard to put value on it. Whether you’re an emerging or well seasoned stylist these tips will help you set your prices or make sure your current prices are up to date.

So let’s get into it, 4 things to consider when pricing your styling services.

1. Survival Number

We’ll break the survival number into two parts. First, how much does it cost for you to run your business? This includes tools you are paying for such as a website, bookkeeping, invoicing or any subscriptions you use to service your clients.

Make sure you’re setting your prices to cover those fee’s so you can afford to run your business. Second, how much does it cost for you to survive? If you’re styling full time, consider your bills and how much it costs to live day to day. Your survival number should be your starting point!

2. Hourly Rate

Another good starting point is your hourly rate. This is not necessarily something you share with your clients but a number you have in mind of how much you want to make per hour.

Think about the time it takes to perform a specific service and use that to determine the price of that service!

3. Delivery Rate

Your delivery rate is accounting for the time you spend on the project outside of actually performing the service. Every hour spent doing something for the client such as travel time, picking up clothes, visiting locations should be included in your rates.

Pro tip: google how much to charge per mile and calculate mileage by the state you live in. Don’t forget to double the miles for round trip and add that number to your overall rate!

4. Target Audience

Who are you styling and can they afford your services? The easiest way to put a number on this is asking your clients directly.

Ask questions like: How much are you willing to invest in a stylist? How much are you spending on clothes? Have you worked with a stylist before? People don’t always know what they’re signing up for so ask questions so that you can both make an informed decision and you can price accordingly!

Sounds simple right? Breaking down all that you do and who you’re serving helps you reach a logical rate. What we do is important so find your number and know your worth!

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