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4 Steps to Determine your Stylist Type

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

When I first started my styling journey, I had no idea that there were so many different types of styling that existed. I automatically gravitated towards editorial styling because at the time, that was the only type of styling I saw and knew. But I soon realized that editorial styling wasn't for me.

Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed being on set, being creative and working with talented individuals. But I wanted to do more and make a bigger impact in peoples lives. I wanted to turn my love for styling into a real business and I couldn't bring my vision to fruition with editorial styling.

Continue reading to learn the 4 steps I took to determine my stylist type.

1. Determine what the stylist types are

You won't know which type you want to be, if you don't know which ones exists. Do some research and learn what each type is all about.

In 2016, I ended up landing a corporate styling job at a company called Trunk Club. There I worked on a team with other stylists to provide a personalized styling experience for each client. Whether I worked with the client virtually or styled them in person, I was able to build a unique relationship with each of them.

This was considered personally styling.

You can read all about the 7 styling types here

2. Gravitate towards the type(s) that best resonate with you

Figure out which type makes more sense for what you want to do. It's okay to be attracted to more than one type. Being open to trying new things is how you will grow.

I liked what I was doing at Trunk Club so much, that I took everything I learned and implemented it into my own business. But because I was originally offering editorial styling to creatives and entrepreneurs, I had to rebrand my entire business and make sure that it aligned with personal styling for professionals.

Once I started attracting more professionals, I realized that they also needed help with branding. So, I began to dabble a little in branding and decided to mesh the two. I started helping my clients with the way they dressed and aligning it with their businesses brand.

3. Start seeking opportunities and/or create your own

  • Follow and connect with stylists who are doing the type of styling work you want to do

  • Seek out styling gigs and internships for more experience

  • Plan photo shoots and begin building your styling portfolio to practice your craft

  • Invest in the proper help

There weren't many opportunities where I grew up and still aren't. So, I was always forced to create my own opportunities. Trunk Club was one of the many opportunities I created for myself as I intentionally gained the experience needed to be qualified. I also had a 1 hour commute everyday to work that started to take a toll on me physically. But I made scarifies for the role that I wanted.

Once I left Trunk Club, I began to plan my own photo shoots to build a portfolio of work that aligned more with personal styling and branding for professionals. I began hosting in-person events, offering e-books and guides and began attending networking events full of professional women who looked like they could be my potential clients.

4. Pay attention to your experiences and what you enjoy doing the most

Take note of your experiences and the pros + cons working as the specific stylist type you chose. Continue to evolve and grow within the industry.

Since then, I've updated my website, my logo, reconfigured my services and have gone completely virtual. I've also been able to diversify my income and monetize my expertise through speaking engagements, workshop facilitating, virtual workshops and more.

I've been able to collaborate with other industry experts and market myself as the go-to Personal Stylist for professional women.

Even though I may sound like I've reached my peak, my business and the industry of styling is forever evolving. I'm always looking for new ways to streamline my business and make it easier for my clients to work with me. And you should too.

These 4 steps are exactly what I took to determine my stylist type and get my business to where it is today. It definitely didn't happen over night. But the journey so far has been an amazing experience.

Want to work with me one-on-one? Click here to apply to work with me. Once you apply, and your application is accepted, we'll schedule your private consultation where we'll talk through your business and the next best steps.

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