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10 Stylish Jobs for Stylists

Being a stylist in the fashion industry isn't easy. Especially when you're new and haven't quite built up any momentum yet. At this stage, money isn't consistent and you probably can't afford to live off of your business full-time. So, having a job to help with funding your fashion dreams and your business is important. But if you're anything like me, you REFUSE to work just any old job. It has to make sense!

So, I went on a hunt for some jobs that just may spark some interest for you. This list consists of both part-time and full-time positions (all on the east coast) that will keep your creative juices flowing, while exercising those must-have soft skills any successful business owner needs.

Thank me later!

Part-Time Stylist - ALLSAINTS

Clarksburg, MD

Associate Off-Air Merchant/Associate Buyer - QVC

Philadelphia, PA

Manager Scenic Styling - QVC

West Chester, PA

Online Personal Stylist - Aerotek

Arlington, VA

Fashion Stylist for Amazon - Aerotek

Washington, D.C.

Junior Stylist - Saks Fifth Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

Digital Stylist - Stylistics

New York, NY

E-Commerce Assistant - FULLBEAUTY Brands

New York, NY

Fashion Consultant - Uptown Cheapskate

Timonium, MD

Stylist - Bloomingdale's Soho

New York, NY

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