As a fashion creative, most of your time is spent being creative.  But when it comes to running your business, you struggle.

And at that point you're feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and ready to give up

  • Stuck and not sure where to go or who to ask for help from

  • Behind, compared to everyone you see in your industry 

  • Alone, like no one can relate to what you're going through 

  • Frustrated and tired of things not working out 

  • Annoyed with watching motivational videos and not feeling motivated 

  • Anxious and interested in knowing how other stylists are managing their businesses

But guess what? Running a business isn't supposed to be easy, but its doable with a squad!

Get access to a private community, monthly accountability, stylish opportunities and the guidance you need to take the fashion industry by storm.

Welcome to the Style Squad

The Style Squad is an online membership community for wardrobe stylists who want to take the fashion industry by storm and look good while doing it. It’s a safe space for black women, fashion stylists to successfully grow together in business and faith with other stylists who can relate, get the accountability needed to continue pushing forward and five deeper into real life situations we face on a daily basis. A safe space for them to be vulnerable, creative and open to new ideas.

The Style Squad will help you:

  • Get the accountability needed from a community of women who can relate and are eager to support

  • Be more vulnerable yet, comfortable with talking about the challenges you face when it comes to running your fashion business 

  • Focus on accomplishing your goals and prioritize your time to successfully accomplish more 

  • Build a profitable business at your own pace 

  • Gain clarity on your “why” and what it is that you're passionate about most 

  • Become more confident in your decisions and how to properly plan for the best end result 

Why the Style Squad is the squad for you...


As a squad, we hold each other accountable. We set goals and check in to make sure each of us are on the right track.


As a member, you become a part of a community of stylists you can bounce ideas off of and lean on for support.


Get access to digital downloads and workbooks centered around specific topics that will help to take your business to the next level.


Be a part of a private, community of women you can learn from and brainstorm ideas with.

As a member, you'll also receive:

  • Monthly Q&A’s with Christen for you to ask her all your business and style questions

  • Exclusive bi-weekly newsletters filled with stylish opportunities, events, affirmations and much more 

  • Quarterly masterminds where we'll do a group check-in to see where everyone is with their businesses and goals

  • Digital worksheets/checklists to help grow your business

  • Exclusive invites to live events and meet ups

  • First dibs on stylish opportunities

  • Access to all community members and the ability to connect and collaborate with those individuals in your area 

Founder of BWWS

Christen Johnson is a speaker and a consultant dedicated to helping women show up and show out in their industries with confidence and style. She is also a career coach to emerging wardrobe stylists who

She founded BWWS after facing many challenges in her styling career and not having anyone to turn to for help that could relate. She soon realized that she wasn't the only fashion creative struggling to find a squad after starting an Instagram page.

Stop hesitating and take the first step in the right direction 

Join the Style Squad to get access to a community full of fashion creatives who can relate to your journey, provide support, give real feedback and build a lasting relationship with while growing a successful fashion business.




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