You don't have to do this alone. We've got you, sis!

Who are we?

Black Women Who Style is a digital platform and online community inspired by the lack of recognition and guidance in the fashion industry. Styling is a gift that many women of color have and we want to acknowledge them for their accomplishments while educating them on what they may not know. Our goal is to connect stylists all over the world with opportunities, form collaborations amongst other stylists in order to grow a community and celebrate their overall achievements. 


Founder of BWWS

Christen Johnson is a Personal Stylist and Style Biz Coach dedicated to helping aspiring/emerging stylists transform their style hustle into a thriving business. 

Black Women Who Style is a platform she founded in 2018 after facing many challenges in her styling career and not having anyone to turn to for help that could relate. She soon realized that she wasn't the only stylist struggling to find a community to grow with.